About LBDL

M.E.B. imagines a «nessness fashion», where each garment, hermaphrodite, is imagined indifferently for man or woman, simply made for anyone. This is how can arise, among other UFOs, a jacket composed of a military lattice and a festive caftan.

From Marrakesh to Tangier, via Rabat and Casablanca, each corner of LE BRONX (Deluxe) across Morocco recreates a small thrift shop, a space dedicated to the unexpected, the encounter, the surprise and the coup-de-coeur, in the image of the human experience.

Initially oriented towards a tourist clientele, the creations of LE BRONX (Deluxe) evolve as M.E.B. is integrated into its adopted country and increasingly caters to Moroccan youth who find themselves in their freedom and joyful balance between daring and tradition.

LE BRONX (Deluxe) plays without cheating the «second hand» game and does not distort its raw materials which it selects carefully for their uniqueness and authenticity but without ever altering their state of preservation and touching the original confection. Its intervention is subject to the rigour and requirements of the high-end Ready-to-Wear, and the quality of the way and finishes confers its «deluxe» touch to the final creation. All the pieces are embroidered and sewn in the beldi tradition and most often by hand. The fabrics used can be old and precious. It is therefore advisable to follow the strict washing and maintenance precautions.



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